"We were never enemies, cousin."
"How beautiful your mind must be, Grey, to think such things."
"How tragic yours to believe them."

A Duskwight's heresiarch - endemic of ancient Gelmorran nobility, heiress to antediluvian arcane - yet willing to betray all she embodies by suffering the Gridanians who condemn her kind. A harmless woman, by most accounts; though those fail to factor the sliver of ice in even the kindest heart. The Underbright Hermit lives her overlong life in stranger hues day upon day. It is anyone's guess as to whether she will reach the end of her thorny mercy-crusade, or if the irreconcilable paradox she presents will tear her asunder.

"... so many years. We must look like... like vilekin to you."
"I think you look like giants."

A towering Duskwight woman, standing at over six-and-a-half fulms. Like her surname suggests, her flesh is a charcoal-gray hue. Silver hair ends in ghostly white strands. Hers is a frame born of once-fit youth given way to the natural maturing of time and a sedentary lifestyle. The acid yellow eyes do not fit her face, however; with crinkles and tired weight that one only sees in centennials marring otherwise smooth features, a disreceptency one might expect from Viera but in elezen simply comes off as unsettling.

Name:Eirene Charbonneau
Accreditation:Archon @ Faculty of Mathematics
Publications:'A World of Contradictory Magicks (And How to Fix It')
Race:エレゼン | Eresen/Elezen
Clan:シェーダー | Shader/Duskwight
Height:Six fulms, seven ilms. (6'7", 200.6 cm)
Weight:One hundred and seventy one ponze (177.3 lbs, 80.4 kgs)
Eyes:Yellow-Green (Ananemisis RGB 15,25,-25)
Voice:Grand Magistrix Elisande (WoW), Kayle (League of Legends)
Nameday:19th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon November 19th
Alignment:Neutral Good
Patron:Nophica, the Matron
Address(s):Lavender Beds, Ward 14, Plot 10 (Primary) Shirogane, Ward 11, Plot 10 (Vacation) Lavender Beds, Ward 2, Plot 51 (Faewood)

  • Duskwight may know her as 'The Underbright Hermit', an indeterminate boogeyman whose caves are forbidden territory.

  • Nobility may recognize the subtle blue blood habits in this otherwise savage hermit woman, though it takes an unfamiliar shape.

  • Wartime veterans may find some of her strange, obsessively paranoid tics all too familiar.

  • The name ought to strike familiar chords with all pre-Gridanian Shroud researchers and some Sharlayans, though most would need to look up the details.

Designation:鵺 | Nue
Monikers:The Muse, Underlight
Taxonomy:元素の | Elemental
Form:フェアリー | Feari/Fairie
Height:One fulm (~12")
Weight:Variable mass, generally very little
Eyes:Deep Indigo (Compound/Insect-like)
Sex:N/A, Female Presenting
Voice:Star Trek Tribbles (Coo) (Chatter), World of Warcraft Wolpertingers (Assorted)
Summoner:Eirene du Charbonneau

"I don't think you get it. She's old. Really old. She has one constant companion, and that's Death. If the Hermit and her fairy are making house calls, then... gods help you."

Every heresiarch is afforded her heresy; to the Gelmorran norms which mothered its summoner, the rainbow iridescence which follows Nue is penultimate trespass. In parallel, in paradox, creator and creation complement each other; with due grim demeanor offset by Nue's incessant pestering and apathy offset by empathy. While Eirene ever seeks to deny her entelechy, Nue is ever on the hunt to transcend its own. Its own child crusade.

"Always the Duskwight and her companion. Or is it the Fairy and her familiar? I would not be so quick to assume who mastered whom."

Standing at a fulm tall and nearly weightless, Nue is constructed with expert anatomical precision in the form of a pale elezen, a simple floral-print sun dress subtly bragging to those who know how impressive such is to render. It bears realistic skin and lilac hair, as well as fluffy antennae and a mane around it shoulders like a scarf. Orange lunar morpho wings beat from its back, constantly precipitating glimmering motes like dust. It glows with a yellow hue, and compound indigo insect eyes stare out from animated features.

  • Even the dimmest arcanist can see in at a glance that Nue is not a Nymian Fairy or related to them in the loosest sense of the term.

  • Aside from the fact that it is arcanima, even the best arcanists would be left with frustratingly little as to what Nue actually is.

  • Anything Voidsent or adjacent instinctively fears and reviles it and its conjurer, without exception or explanation.