Standing at 6'0" flat, her flesh is shadowy. The elezen lacks muscular definition, evidence of an extended sedentary lifestyle, though her basic frame boasts of once-runner-like agility and of bygone lithe youth. Dark arcanima is barely visible against her flesh; were one to unclothe her, they would find the arcanima spares nary a square ilm of flesh, some majestic tapestry of ink dictating complex cantrips of impossibly intricate design.

Her eyes glow as violently gold, neon spotlights. By default, her hair is a pearlescent silvery color (some descriptions favoring 'ghostly blond'), indicative of years she doesn't wear upon her face - though like many with hints of their twilight approaching, she sometimes dyes it. Rare is revelation of her gaze; more often is it hidden behind a visor, a mask, or 'neath a hood which not only inhibits her ability to see, but others ability to see hers. Despite this (apparently voluntary) limitation, she walks with confidence and never seems to exhibit the traits of the truly blind. Instead of her face being free, it is often her feet which meet the ground instead, as if the two senses of touch and sight are interchangeable to her.

When she smiles, her teeth are visibly straight and uniform, save for extraordinarily elongated fang-like canines. Her smiles are largely uncanny, however; as if she had largely forgotten the motion. Even when emotive, she bears an even unnaturally reserved sense of observation to all around her. An aura of either grim necessity follows her nearly everywhere she goes.


  1. Eirene's clothes, makeup, and color choice is usually deliberate. She puts great stock in symbology, being acutely aware from arcanima how revealing and power-laden even idle habits can be.

  2. Eirene's yellow-amber eye color is frustratingly indiscernible as to the truth of its origin. Immediately obvious associations come in ideas of earthern or astral corruption, a blessing of the Elementals, or perhaps symbolic of being under a negative magical influence.

  1. Eirene favors long, flowy finery, spider and ghostmaw motifs, silver, and headwear that conceals her eyes, be it blindfolds, visors, or hoods. She is often seen barefoot, regardless of the cold.

  2. The longer she spends indoors, the darker her natural skin color seems to trend. She is notably ilm for ilm more powerful in the dark, moreso in the deep places of the star. When exposed to sunlight, her flesh sheds occasional wisps of some dark smoke.

Name:Eirene Charbonneau
Class:裏魔道士/Arcanist A.K.A. 'haha funny picture book go brrrr'
Subclass:錬金術士/Alchemist/Chemist A.K.A. 'contrivance brews and moar'
Race:エレゼン | Eresen/Elezen definitely not an elf, we swear
Clan:シェーダー | Duskwight 100% not drow, I swear, just like soulflayers are 100% totally not mindflayers
Height:Six fulms, seven ilms. (6'7", 200.6 cm) helps tall boys get things off the top shelves
Weight:One hundred and seventy one ponze (177.3 lbs, 80.4 kgs) we are not given thick elves because square are cowards
Eyes:Glowing Amber-Yellow (Ananemisis RGB 25,13,0.5)
Age:Thirties? Called a coeurl unironically, will call a grizzled veteran 'sweetie' and tell him not to ask
Nameday:19th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon November 19th
Alignment:Neutral Good neutral drow b*tch
Patron:Nophica, the Matron
Address(s):Lavender Beds, Ward 14, Plot 10 (Primary) Shirogane, Ward 11, Plot 10 (Vacation) Lavender Beds, Ward 2, Plot 51 (Faewood)


Shroud Natives, Shroud Crime-typesThe legends of the Spider echo to this day; the right-hand woman of the bandit group once known as the Eyeless Aboleths, a woman of unimaginable cruelty who claimed to be a former Sentinel of Gelmorra and clad head to toe in their armor. It is said that she carried out innumerable crimes at the behest of whoever led the Aboleths, and in her last turned yellow at a final order and turned on her own clan, betraying them to the Gridanians and putting them all to the sword before she fled into the Deep to avoid capture. The bounties accrued in yore are still technically valid today, and Eirene's likeness is found upon them, though the original woman herself must surely be dead by now.Eirene inherited this armor, and actually wears it fairly often. It still fits.
Craftsmen/Gatherers Guild AssociatesThe name 'Eirene du Charbonneau' is a spoken myth amidst alchemists and gatherers; a figure of unknown persuasion who can provide any bounty from the deep places of the earth... if one makes it out alive. Most prominent are the tales of the Miners' Guild, who speak of great caverns beneath the Shroud and a venerable hermit woman who guided the lost back to the surface, only to vanish once more. 
Arcanists, Summoners and Nymian ScholarsEirene considers herself to be 'closest' to an arcanist, and spends most of her time at the Guild in Limsa as an aide or tearing through their books. Her name is fairly well known amongst arcanists' circles, with most of the few exploits she actually demonstrates being considered ingenious (though she jealously guards most of her techniques). The woman practically lives and breaths arcanima; some even claim that they've seen her completely forgo her grimoire and conjure the patterns from memory and force of will alone, a feat that should be impossible due to the complexity of arcanima patterns. Since her arcanima is self-taught, it's possible that she classifies as something else entirely, and indeed seems to use dweomers, pomanders, reagents, and words of power in her craft.Interestingly, Eirene's arcanima construct, Nyx (and in current times, Nue appears remarkably similar to the fairies of ancient Nym. That said, appearances aside, it is not a carbuncle, egi, or fairy, though it does share qualities with all of the above. Those with the eyes to see can tell that its arcanima is inhumanely, hellishly complex; more than that, it is inextricably linked to Eirene in some way that even if she shared the pattern, it could not be duplicated.
Gridanians, Hearers/Conjurors, Twin Adder (Current)The history between Wildwood and Duskwight dates back to Gelmorra itself, and is a topic left for a much more in-depth hook. Nevertheless, any Duskwight's arrival in Gridania is fraught with strife, and Eirene is no exception; playing by the rules enough to not get thrown in the gaol, but still watched suspiciously by the Adders and Stillglade Fane Despite this, opinions are far from clear-cut and her declaration of resurrecting the House of Mina has prompted responses from outrage and insult to hope for reconciliation and preservation of heritage. The Padjal do not seem particularly enthused by their presence, and of Eirene more than one is suspicious.The elezen and her House have stated "that we serve, by oath, the dominant population of Gelmorra and Her people; of which the Wildwood are the majority descended. Thus, our loyalties lie with the Ruling House of Gelmorra, whatever name they now go by. We will work for their well-being, safety, and freedom."
Thaumaturges, Voidsent, Outsiders, and War of the Magi/Amdapor/Mhachi researchers.Eirene herself is not someone most Thaumaturges have heard of, but the House of Mina is mentioned constantly throughout texts on the War of the Magi by both the Mhach - painting them as deranged vigilantes - and Amdapor, who painted them as loyal saviors of mankind. Eirene seems content, and more than capable, to exterminate anything that even approaches being a Voidsent with extreme prejudice. This has earned her a reputation in the echelons of the Void - they know the sigil, the names, the faces, all too well - and they know to utterly fear it, and direct their compatriates on the other side to do the same.The House of Mina was originally founded to research and exterminate Voidsent, and their pool of knowledge dates back to the War of the Magi. Historically, they had no patience for Voidsent or Void Mages, and Eirene is much the same. The few Voidsent that can still speak have taken to using Polemos in place of her actual name. Oddly, they use it to refer to all Eirenes, past and present, without distinction.
Astronomers, Magickal and MundaneWhile new to the field, Eirene seems quite fascinated with the subject of the heavens' power, presumably since she lived her entire life without them. She has a natural affinity for spotting patterns due to her arcanist background, which serves her well in identifying constellations and understanding celestial motion. That said, she seems more interested in the aesthetic and the implications, applications of celestial, spatial and temporal power inspired by outer bodies than the art of astrology itself. While not well known, perhaps you've crossed paths unknowingly. 
Alchemy, Chiurgeons, PharmacistsThe House of Mina was once known for its revolutionary advances in medicine and alchemical prowess. While Eirene is more reserved about her various fields of research, she sports impressive alchemical and medicinal capabilities, from raw botanical knowledge to full-on medicinal drugs and even utility substances such as spectrolium. Whether you seek that which is potentially illicit, cures for the incurable, or solutions to the impossible, there are few ailments Eirene deems beyond her scope, and few remain so for long. In recent times, the elezen has turned her attention to the miraculous alchemists of Thavnair, desperately interested in their practice after their recent proof of prowess.Eirene is especially fond and versed in the use of fungi and mycelium-based reagents and remedies, and is a known supplier of exotic fungi to both the medicinal fields and even culinarians... for a price. With that said, she relies almost overly much on subterranean flora and fungi that she is familiar with, being unversed with many of non-Shroud based surface plants, and is always looking to expand her knowledge.

The information given below is mostly for very versed Gelmorran researchers/specialists and is the most complete pre-knowledge one might attain before interacting with Eirene herself. Please use this responsibly.

The House of Mina, their bloodline of Charbonneau, and Eirene; an unholy trinity known to the Duskwight as a sleeping bear better given a well-deserved berth. Once a proud and powerful Gelmorran house, many who remember of them speak scathingly of them as 'The Witch House', as a spit in the face of the deadly logic which was Gelmorra's political structure, which maintained its standing not by proof of power but by expertise in alchemical concoctions critical to the Duskwight's survival after the outlawing of white magic and a cutthroat monopoly on their methods and techniques. Nastier rumors dog their steps; words spoken in hisses and spits, tales impossible - of practicing magicks which flew in the face of Gelmorra's laws, of extreme methods to maintain control and enforce the status quo of the Deep City, of consorting, summoning, and dealing with the very Outsiders and Voidsent they had once risen to power to combat, and of vicious conspiracies to keep them in power by the Ruling House, even as their numbers dwindled down to four.

; the number who remained; and the shape of death itself. Indeed, like accursed specters too stubborn to die, generations of the Charbonneau bloodline suffered mysterious accidents, only to have an identical long-lost child take their place and total inheritance of their formers' lives, continuing their work and never aging a day. Frustrated were those who waited to claim the reins, forevermore was the power of the House of Mina consolidated into one of the four faces that remained; all others made slaves or servants. Even their names - one unknown, of Eunomia, of Dike, of Eirene - persisted, generation to generation, a festering circle of power which had no intentions of tithing their growing strength for the benefit of their fellows, but seemed content to force an answer to a much older equation.

Once, twice, thricefold; the murder as punctuation to the centuries; each a portent of the end. First was Divinity, whose death brought unity; next was Order, whose death brought domination; last was Justice, whose death brought betrayal; and in the end, only Peace remained; the answer to the equation they had sought forever, with none yet living to hear. In the end, even she succumbed to the temptations of war, making for the surface and extracting a toll in blood from her ostracized cousins under the name of Eirene, the Spider; a name whose Sentinel-clad visage echoes in the nightmares of Wildwood who never even faced her centuries later. With her rage spent, Eirene purportedly returned to the Deep, never to be seen again.

In the aftermath, many whispered that the House of Mina's recurrent faces, names, and the four avatars of the Bloodline were any number of things; fourfold Voidsent which had possessed their bodies, the women themselves made immortal through some potent alchemical concoction, time travelers who hunted when the waters began to still only to spread chaos and discord, beasts who had lived for longer than a century and gained divinity, or other things entirely. In the years that followed the Fall, many Duskwight - out of desperation, greed, or foolishness - would lay siege to the vaults of the House, only to be disappointed - for while the contents were valuable, containing all House Mina's knowledge of alchemy as well as relics of power accrued over the centuries, they held no such mythical powers, and more than one set fire to the pages therein out of petty disappointment. Only a rare few still cling fast to their desperate beliefs, believing some hidden, deeper vault to be still unopened on the premises...

Rising out of the Deep like a spirit reborn, however, came a spitting-image facsimile of the Spider, accompanied by the haunting reminder of the fires above that forced them below; taking her name as she was born with her visage, the elezen laying claim to her title, though she seemed to have no knowledge of (or interest in) reclaiming her family's vault. Eirene became known as the Underbright Hermit, keeping entirely to herself and not engaging in the endless, desperate crimes her people committed against themselves; leaving only the rumors to fester about what such a diabolical descendant must be doing, isolated from her people and with such strange magical company. She deliberately made her homestead in the hardest to reach, most unstable caverns separated from the main part of the Underworld by deep labyrinths and treacherous, ever-changing paths - made worse by the calamity, which altered the geography of the Underworld greatly.

The daring few who sought to seek the truth for their own ends never returned. The desperate few who sought her came back without much memory of what transpired or even the path they had taken to find her - and couldn't for the life of them find the path again - only knowing of her name, of that of her magical companion construct by the name of Nyx, and that they were cured of their former ailments.

Above the ground, Eirene's name resonates mostly unmarred by the legacy of the Spider, her acclaimed mother; the bounties levied against her many and severe, but so old as to abolish Eirene junior of any possible responsibility... though the Padjal, in particular, seem quite suspicious of the figure, though surely that's just paranoia.

After all, that was four hundred years ago.


Nue (and its predecessor, Nyx) were forged in the image of the stories of the seelie of old, trickster fae who lived in the wood and would play pranks on mortals - early stories to predate that of the Greenwrath. It is designed to vaguely mimic an elezen form with ears, but bears decidedly more bestial aspects to it, including long fangs like its mistress. It has exaggerated features that mark it as a construct rather than a real person, such as overlarge eyes and lips. It looks more like an artist's stylized rendition of an elezen than an elezen itself.

This specimen has strayed from the fairy template by appearing more moth than butterfly, complete with mane and antennae. Its insect-like eyes are overlarge and often dominate its doll-like visage. When this form no longer serves - or Nue would be too unwieldly or difficult to explain, such as in a public place, Eirene oft reshapes it into something physical that resembles something more mundane, whereupon it gains staple powers of the form it takes. In long-distance travel, Eirene often changes Nue's shape to be much larger and capable of supporting her weight, though these forms are spread so thin as to be inviable for combat. Regardless of its shape, however, it maintains its elemental taxonomy and aethersight.

Whether originally intended as an insult to the 'Greens', or 'faeries', as the surface Wildwood are often called, or as a testing subject for glamour, its exact purpose is indeterminate. The best arcanists' guess after a cursory study might assume it to be a semi-autonomous familiar, which in some respects appears to be the encouraged interpretation by its conjurer. However, beneath the immediately obvious protocols lie achingly complex patterns with no immediate apparent use.


  1. Nue is very rarely ever still, and often alights on things and idly busies itself... or harasses people, even in ways beyond the autonomy one would expect of an arcanima construct. Though its conjurer always seems to have some excuse, there is no denying the (seemingly arbitrary) personality that it possesses...

  2. Some might recognize the concept of a fairy and think the concept to be Nymian, but this construct was in fact developed without any knowledge of Nym and designed after old folk tales. That said, upon arriving on the surface some Nymian protocols have been incorporated into the fairy's ontology, with Eirene quite interested in the parallels between her own work and the Nymians'.

  1. Nue speaks an unknown, bell-like chime language with grammar seemingly similar to Sylvan. It seems to understand all languages. It usually forgoes actual spoken 'language' for empathic chirps and hisses. Eirene herself occasionally responds, usually with 'proposal denied' - the only person who presumably understands it. Even the Echo doesn't seem to guarantee translation, implying it may not even use an actual language at all.

  2. Aside from the hellish complexity of the arcanima construct - seemingly far beyond the ability of any mortal arcanist who started such a project in their lifetime - it carries a sliver of some essence suspiciously like a soul, a fact which Eirene vehemently scoffs at if ever confronted. What secrets might this magical arithmetic be hiding?

Designation:鵺 | Nue
Monikers:Underlight, Underbright, The Hermit's Fire, HER, Her Pride
Class:元素の | Elemental
Form:フェアリー | Feari/Fairie
Height:Nine Ilms (9")
Eyes:Ocean Blue
Sex:N/A, Female Presenting
Summoner:Eirene du Charbonneau